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Multi-generation family-led independent Hospitaliy Management

Gauer Hospitality originates from 2 families at the roots of Swiss hospitality tradition with more than 250 years in cumulated hospitality experience

Gauer family

  • Owners, managers, consultants or administrators of hotels in Switzerland, Europe and the Middle East since early 20th century
  • Now in its 3rd generation

Seiler family

  • Pioneered tourism in Swiss leading mountain resort Zermatt since 1855 through creation and development of the Seiler Hotels
  • Now in its 5th generation

Jean-Jacques Gauer

Jean-Jacques Gauer served as the General Manager of the Lausanne-Palace SA and Lausanne Palace & Spa in Lausanne, Switzerland, from 1996 to 2016. Given his demonstrated expertise in hospitality Mr. Gauer is a highly sought after resource and holds many prestigious positions including; on the Board of Directors, as well as the Managing Director, of the family hotel group, Gauer Hotels, Chairman of Hotel Representative AG since December 1989, Director of MCH Beaulieu Lausanne SA, and Chairman of The Leading Hotels of the World, Ltd. from 1989 to 2009.

He attended the renowned Institut le Rosey in Rolle and Gstaad, Switzerland, where he graduated with the Swiss Maturité Fédérale degree. In 1973, he was awarded a diploma from the prestigious École Hotelière in Lausanne.


Jay Gauer

Jay Gauer has worked as the General Manager at Hotel des Trois Couronnes, the historic 5-star resort in Vevey, on Switzerland’s Lake Geneva for 9 years. Before working briefly at Hotel Auberge Du Raisin. Mr. Gauer’s life has been devoted to hospitality, starting at a young age in his family’s properties, Gauer Hotels, before completing his MBA at the University of Geneva.

Roberta Seiler

Roberta Seiler is a brand marketing strategist who has worked with worldwide luxury hospitality, tech, fashion and watches brands raising each of them to iconic status. Her focus is on early-stage brand creation and elevating brand status. Roberta works with Jay and Jean-Jacques to help clients establish customized brand aesthetics, campaigns, strategies and build a compelling brand story for hotels. Roberta comes from the heritage of the Seiler Hotels Zermatt that represents a tradition of well-rooted Swiss hospitality. She is based in New York City and understands how to integrate a holistic approach to achieve memorable hotel marketing that will be meaningful for generations.

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